Automotive Repair Service

    You can rely on Mill Ave Auto Works LLC to repair your vehicle mechanically from the smallest repair to rebuilding transmissions or engines.
    We provide to you preventative maintance service, Oil Changes, brake service, alignment, air conditioning repair, suspension checks and tune-ups.
    We repair everything from Axels to wheel bearings and everything in between.
    No job is too small nor too large for us.
    We have ASE Certified technicians.
    Bring us your problems and we will fix them.
    All foreign and domestic vehicles accepted.

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    Preventative Service

    Your Vehicle is one of your most important assets and should be treated accordingly. Preventative Maintenance service is a good way to make sure that your vehicle takes care of you. The preventive services available are oil change, air conditioning service, brake services cooling system check, transmission servicing, belt and hoses checked out just to name a few of the services.

    Brake service

    Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. We offer brake inspections for all cars and light trucks. We replace brake pads and shoes and turn rotors and drums, we also replace calipers and wheel bearings when needed.

    oil changes

    More than just an oil change, the Conventional Oil Change Service Package provides quick and quality service that will help your engine last.

    Air Conditioning

    We offer Air Conditioning Service on all Domestic and Most Import Vehicles.This includes preventative service and complete repair including Compressors and all of the components with quality parts.



    We offer preventative maintenance on engines including but not limited to oil changes, tune-ups and general repairs.

    Auto Sales

    Mill Ave Auto Works LLC has a relationship with Mill Ave Auto Works III, they are a licensed Used auto Dealership with The State of Texas. If you are interested in purchasing a good late model used vehicle click here to see what they have to offer.

    No better car service anywhere

    We have a full service Mechanic Shop with Preventative Maintenance Services, oil changes, Motors rebuilt or replaced, Transmissions rebuilt or replaced and Brake service along with Air Conditioning repair and servicing just to name a few of the services provided.

    Misc. Services
    Tires: We offer a wide variety of tires from many different vendors, just tell us the brand and the size and we will see what we can do for you,
    Fiberglass repair: We can repair all types of fiberglass from boats to kayaks to motor cycles. If it can be repaired we can do it.
    Vehicle Wraps: We offer Custom Wraps for your cars,motorcycles,boats,airplane, trucks, and custom performance vehicle.



    ASE Certified technicians

    Bring us your problems and we will fix them.
    All foreign and domestic vehicles accepted.