Mill Ave Auto Works offer free auto repair estimates to assess any type of damage incurred from an auto accident.

Our auto body facilities are equipped with highly-trained service team who are able to complete the estimate process quickly and accurately.

One way we accomplish this is through the miracle of technology. Our computers are loaded with up-to-date information databases for most car makes and models. This helps us figure the cost of repair for your car accurately and get it up-and-running like new again.

Also, our computerized estimates reduce the chances of error. We compare what our technicians see with a database of similar accidents and the repairs needed. We reduce the risk of human error and unexpected surprises. This helps us create very accurate estimates and avoid massive up-charges sometimes seen at other repair facilities.

Getting your vehicle on the road to like-new condition is essentially the point of the estimate. Our computerized estimate makes sure this can happen swiftly and that you get your car back as quickly as possible.

You may call our Customer Care Center at 936-441-0303 to schedule an appointment or stop by any convenient location.

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